Musical Fountain Engineering

Engineering for sophisticated water features, such as large scale musical fountains, is a specialized undertaking due to their complexity and potential for performance and maintenance issues.

Engineered Equipment Room for an Automated Musical Water Feature with 130 jets, 17 VFD-controlled pumps, and 107 DMX-controlled RGB LED lights.

Streams of water emanating from nozzles in a basin give little clue to the abundance of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and electronic components working together, without leaking or shorting out, to provide an engaging show fountain that can be dynamically programmed and run trouble-free. ACI is regularly asked to review existing engineering, and often times commissioned to redesign when significant issues are uncovered and opportunities to save on construction costs are recommended. The above is such an example.

In addition to furnishing engineered water feature drawings, ACI specifies, provides and installs show control systems for sophisticated musical water features. For the above feature, which has over 450 individual control channel, ACI employs‘s Musical Fountain Automation System at its core.

For engineering and/or show control inquiries, please feel free to ask ACI for a complimentary review of your project!