Cache Creek Casino Resort | Brooks, CA

Cache Creek - Water Wall

From a edgeless pool to a color-shifting waterwall, we completed all the water features at Cache Creek Hotel & Casino. ¬†With multi-colored lighting, the water wall behind the registration desk has to be one of the favorite walls that we’ve created.

Cache Creek - Water Wall
Cache Creek – Water Wall

The video was made before HD video existed. It’s not the same as seeing the wall in person, but it gives you a better visual of how the colors so beautifully shift over time. Continue reading “Cache Creek Casino Resort | Brooks, CA”

Opryland Hotel | Nashville, TN

Geyser A


Programmed Musical Water Show with 175hp providing over 4500gpm of water effects.


  • 75 Animated Vertical Jets (0 to 35ft)
  • 21 Animated Arching Jets (0 to 18ft)
  • Central Geyser (0 to 85ft)
  • 96 16bit color LED light fixtures
  • 5 ,1000 watt cyber lights Geyser A

    Arching Jets

    Geyser B